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Music makes me think the most. When an artist takes the time to make lyrics that will be remembered is beautiful.

There are plenty of songs that do not mean anything but a simple tap of foot it triggers you to do.
TwentyOnePilots released their recent album title “Blurryface”. This band is one which always has offered rich poetry in the context of the songs. Thought is provoked and new ideas formed.

I am not a profesional blogger, I just wish to attain that same level of song writing grace here and in songs as the mighty duo in this band, TwentyOnePilots.

Thinking is both amazing and troubling at times. To sometimes create something from nothing in the complexity of imagination.

Drowning yourself in thought is scary because it is powerful enough to keep you in thought until you break somewhere in your mind or body.
How far the thought goes is all depending on who holds the key to the mind.

Some minds do not have their keys with their owners, some have drifted so far, only thought itself can come to and end before they find the missing again.

Nonsense? Do you think I am wrong? But simply at this moment, you as a reader trying to understand the means to my writing, or if I am wrong or if I am correct. But simply thinking an answer to this simple task of reading some random persons blog post. Think, as you read this. Are they your thoughts on what you base your judgement on? Or are the thoughts someones’ thought carved into your mind. And if you do have your mind sharply pierced by all of the other minds, then how did you get to this point.
Where did you leave your key for your mind? The mind that dreamed thoughts of their future. The mind that made them take initiative to go out of their way to help others rather than themselves. Again, these are just thoughts coming from my mind. You have a key, well, hopefully you still have a key. Because each thought has a key. Complexity of thought is beautiful.

I am no profesional, I simply live in thought and feel every word people say. The smallest grain of thought is embraced by my mind.


Awaking from Dark Slumber

Fear is something that comes often in life. Usually, when a step is taken to the unknown. Those moments are scary and seem to change our lives the most.

I don’t know if I am going through one of those stages that I feel alone and yet to find a purpose worth living for. How many people have felt like this before? At this point I feel that everything that has been learned has to be questioned. Who am I?

This entire time, people telling me constantly, who I am supposed to be or what is expected.

-To study
-Get a career
-Be a Good person

These are good things, yet they are just enforced these days without clear meaning or a definition from the individual. No sense of a “self” is created.

For these three stated above are common. Every reason leads to a common good. But what is that “good”?

In my “good” the reasons are:

-To study because it will make me an educated person, so I can surpass the last generation in some form.
-Get a career, so I may not have to struggle with the need. And help the needy.
-Be a good person so others can respect me and live with peace.

These are my general answers in which I find myself struggling in. Because all of these find it to go to the end. All the means used to get to this end are taught to us. We have to question these ourselves. Because here it seems that happiness is the motive for everything.

-To study, will bring happiness because I will know things and be able to share with people knowledge.
-Get a career so we can provide our procreation and have a happy life.
-Be a good person because it will cause a joy to know you are respected.

This fear felt is “good”. Because everyone has their view on it. It causes growth if you let it.

By the Grace of God I am what I
am, and his grace to me was not
without effect.
1 Corinthians 15:10

While taught many of these expectations, I am trying to find that meaning. I am awaking from slumber. Not letting everything pass by anymore. We all have great potential in life and we cannot let everyone express themselves for our “self”.

What do you think? Do you let your friends influence everything you do? Your parents? Even society in general?

Will you start to let yourself think and find a meaning for life? I am trying to encourage you to choose to think. Because what good would it be to be told what is the “good”? We have to strive to find it.

Joe P
AMP Movement