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Waiting Last Minute…

Totally forgot I had a WordPress Account. I have been busy 24/7. College and work really have their attention arguments with each other. School is fun, work not so fun.

I have to do both though.

Lately, my life has been good, then stressful, then good again. Sometimes I think to myself and ask if I am going crazy? Am I the only one thinking these things? Surely other college students must be thinking these things about how “I should of not played Black Ops 2, and have done my English paper”. Or “should have not went to the Midnight release of this game”.

Crazy stuff, A “college life”.

I, as a College Student, have noticed that even though I have graduated from high school, some habits remain. Procrastination is a reluctant one on leaving. But why? Human nature? Yeah, right.

I wonder how the though process of other is about this “Procrastination”. How can one find ways to deal with it. Luckily, I am good with papers last minute. I do not have proper grammar skills but I do enjoy writing.

Not in my Philosophy class, luck leaves me. If I did not do the readings, then. . . yeah, not a pretty picture.

Professor Wisdom: Joe, what is the categorical imperative?
Joe: Umm, sorry I did not read that article but I read the other one?
Professor Wisdom: -_- Alright, talk to me about your though process for that then?
Joe: I did not really understand it, sorry.
Professor Wisdom: That is alright, *calls on next person, slowly turning from me.
Side note: Philosophy is some hard for this ethics class man!

My Procrastination is sometimes humiliating.

Man is only a reed, the weakest in
nature, but he is a thinking reed. . . .
[All] our dignity consists in thought.
. . . . Let us then strive to think well.
-Blaise Pascal

By this quote I try to state a point that could help many college students right now and many to come.

College is what you make of it. Like anything else, you can learn. Like playing a video game, you can learn things even they are not evident unto our physical nature yet implanted into our unconscious.

Thinking and learning is in our nature. So, is the answer for Procrastination really Human Nature? Maybe so. We are Rational beings and have the ability to discern whether we want to think and do that English assignment due tonight at 11:59 p.m.

So, do you wait, or think last minute about what you should do?

I would love to see anyone post something or leave feedback. I am new to blogging.

Joe P.
AMP Movement