About Me

Hello, my name is Joe. I am currently eighteen years of age. Going on to my second semester in college this Spring of 2013. I am pleased at anyone who stops by my Blog. Who I am is as unique as the person reading this at the moment. You are special. I am special. I want to create loving writing and thought provoking analogies. You may ask about what? Well, about everything that is experienced in our every day living. I am passionate about people. How they think, love, laugh, react, process, speak, and live. This is the reason why I am striving to become a Psychologist in a Clinic one day soon to come. My life may be similar to yours or completely different, but I hope anything I write may influence you. This is an outlet for me and hope this could become an outlet for you as well.

Thank you to everyone. Hope you stay to read some thoughts of mine. “You never know, we all have questions, we all have answers, but for some reason, we never have answers for our own questions” – A.M.P. Movement. Maybe you can find some answers here. You comment here or anywhere on this blog and I will be sure to answer you. You may have answers to some of my concerns or questions in my posts, that I may not have answers to. This could be a nice mutual friendship we can all have.

Have a great day. Come back soon.

Joe P.
A.M.P. Movement


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