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Bump in The Road

There is always that bump in the today when you start something and you see no growth come from it.

That teenage boy who is trying to learn piano, but after two days sees no dexterity. That high school girl who wants to be on the cheerleading squad, yet she places such a heavy care on the dirty looks the girls give her and does not try.

In these two situations it may seem that they should choose something new. However, how many times can you start over and seek a new project. Have you felt like this before? I have, well, I am. This feeling is constant in many of our lives.

The true question is how are you going to go around that feeling?

Practice more, eat less, care less, care more? What will it be?

Maybe it starts with passion. That spark of energy you have that you can do it. Then transform that into a desire of what it could be. Create it into a want. Grasp it with all your hope that may occur. Thrive to reach the final goal.

You can do it.

My want is to complete college and be someone, someone happy.

Doesn’t everything lead to happiness? To learn to play an instrument, so you may show your family, your family tells others, others tell you great job, and that makes an emotion! What emotion is that, maybe pride or gratefulness? But like element of water if you break them down it is oxygen and hydrogen. Same thing with these emotions. Doesn’t it all come down to happiness?

So the answer to all is to be happy?

So the teenage boy just wants to be happy and play the piano, and the cheerleader wants to cheer and be happy too?

Comment your opinion. The good thing is to be open minded and have a sight that is not narrow to block anyone’s thoughts.

Please share what you think.