Jp here

This isn’t joe, I’m joes sister (: I’m three years younger than him. Well today was my 5th basketball game and its the fourth time I haven’t played -_-
I was going to get ready to quit but its the motivation that I need more of.
I just need to keep going and not drop out because I know if I do I would always wonder “what if I didn’t quit?”
But I’m completely clueless when I’m in the game!! some of our games are like:

Coach: Parra! Watch the ball!
Meh: *gets ball, freaks out and passes ball away. Tries to move and ends up falling on the floor*
Coach and team: ouch..

Yeah it’s crazy, I understand the plays but I can’t seem to fit the pieces together. Then on top of that there’s physics and geometry I have to worry about! No time for playing Pokemon /: my typhlosion is a level 70 though :3
Geometry isn’t hard its super easy. I never do my homework but I always get A’s for all my geometry tests. And physics I just don’t understand. I memorized that an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon a moving object. But I don’t understand the formulas and how they work.

But that’s just schoolwork. I love my friends and everyone (: they never mind me and think I’m funny and pretty somehow… O.o

Well I’m going to the mall with my bro so yeah I’ll catch up to anyone later :3
Jp Atireme 😀


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